If you suffer from arthritis pain, remember that there are some foods that you can eat regularly that have been shown to reduce inflammation and symptoms of arthritis. Some of these include:

#1 Fish and Nuts with Omega-3 Fats

Much research exists that indicates that omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other fish may prevent inflammation and reduce many of the symptoms of arthritis. Research shows that COX-2 enzymes that lead to joint inflammation are more active when you eat a high amount of omega-6 fats compared to omega-3 fats. Remember that omega-6 is common in much of our diet, including snack foods, corn and meat. Try to eat more salmon sardines, trout, and walnuts.

#2 Broccoli

A Mayo Clinic study shows that broccoli and cauliflower can protect us against the development of arthritis. The study was more suggestive of these veggies' ability to prevent the development of arthritis rather than managing it, but still, adding these vegetables to your diet may help.

#3 Foods With Vitamin D

A large study has shown that women who consume more Vitamin D have less chance of developing arthritis. These findings showed that there was less risk of arthritis in the knees for women who consumed more of the vitamin.

So, consider eating more oily fish, but note that dairy products may increase arthritis pain and inflammation. Another good way to get this vitamin is to get more sun.

#4 Olive Oil

Diets that have a lot of olive oil have shown that they can reduce stiffness and pain in arthritis patients. The anti-inflammatory properties in olive oil come from oleic acid. This acid contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Use olive oil on your salads instead of salad dressing, or drizzle fresh veggies with the oil.