If you want to stay fit and active as you get older, it is very important to keep your weight under control. There are many breakfast foods that may be popular, but eating them regularly will cause you to pack on the pounds. These foods include:

#1 Juice

Many people are fooled into thinking that drinking fruit juice is healthy. Remember this: Most of the orange juice you buy at the store is full of sugar. An 8 ounce glass of OJ is full of sugar and calories. In reality, a healthy serving of OJ is about what you can squeeze out of a single orange!

A healthier option is to drink water and eat the fruit.

#2 Waffles and Pancakes

These are especially bad for breakfast if made with white flour and accompanied by sugary syrup. Instead, op for whole grain toast or cereal, as well as yogurt, lean meat or egg whites.

#3 Pastries and Sweets

Everyone loves pastries but try to resist them unless as an occasional treat. Pastries, sugary cereals and even bagels can cause your blood sugar to spike. This is followed by an energy crash and then you will be hungry again, which can cause you to eat more.

#4 Coffee Add On's

Drinking coffee in the morning is generally ok. Where people get into trouble is with all of the extras - sugar, flavored syrups, whipped cream and half and half. You can turn that cup of coffee into a 300 calorie meal, which can lead to weight gain if you do it daily.

#5 Breakfast Bars

Many breakfast bars are basically a candy bar - full of sugar and empty calories. Most commercial granola bars are essentially oatmeal cookies that are loaded with sugar. Instead, try some natural peanut butter one one slice of whole grain bread.

Eating any of the above as an occasional treat is no problem, but do not consume them daily if you want to stay at a healthy weight.