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We have all heard that everyone should be exercising, but what if you have limited mobility, or a disability? It's hard enough taking care of the basics if you're in a wheelchair or have other physical disabilities, much less exercise. However, exercise is even more important for everyone, even people with limited mobility. Exercise keeps your body mobile and strong, gives you energy, improves stress and can help reduce fatigue. The key is to find the right kind of exercise for your situation. You should always talk to your doctor or physical therapist to get clearance and guidance for your best options.

Resistance Exercises Using Elastic Bands

People with limited mobility, wheelchair users, can focus on resistance exercises to improve upper body strength and help reduce your chances of injury. Resistance bands with handles, cuffs, and adapted grips make upper body workouts easy and fun.

Adapted Fitness Accessories and Exercise Aids… from ACTIVEnABLE

From elastic bands, gripping cuffs for weights, positioning wedges, to massagers, videos, pulse oximeters and blood pressure cuffs, ACTIVEnABLE.com provides adapted fitness equipment for rehabilitation and therapy for people of all ages and abilities.
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Versatile tool to support optimal posture, positioning for foam rolling
Made of heat molded EVA foam that will not break down
Medium tension resistance band with weighted handle for progressive resistance exercises
Designed for users who have a limb difference affecting their hands or fingers.
Allows users with missing fingers to securely and comfortably grip for weightlifting and other activities.
An essential accessory for cold weather sports, designed to be used with thick winter gloves.
$69.95 $65.95
Allows users with limited grip or poor hand function to use exercise and sporting equipment without gripping.
Pair of padded wrist straps with rings that attach directly to the carabiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines.
Soothing menthol topical analgesic in an easy to apply roll-on bottle penetrates deep into sore muscles for muscle pain relief.
Pair of foam wedges designed to provide support for better alignment during excercises including planks, pushups, squats.
Now in PINK! Durable nylon webbing strap with elastic loops for effective, comfortable full body stretching.
Cordless, powerful massage tool delivers percussion massages, repeated, rapid striking of the body, to relieve muscle cramps and trigger points, ease knots and reduce sore and achy muscles.
$340.00 $319.95
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