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Weight lifting gripping aid helpful for users with decreased hand strength to hold free weights or weight bars.
Allows users with poor hand strength to easily grip with their left hand
Quiet magnetic resistance, low profile design
Firm foam half round foam roller for more stability for balance exercises.
2 in 1 exercise bike, workstation, standing desk
Movement system for rehabilitation of orthopedic upper extremity, shoulder injuries
Medium tension resistance band with weighted handle for progressive resistance exercises
Designed for users who have a limb difference affecting their hands or fingers.
Allows users with missing fingers to securely and comfortably grip for weightlifting and other activities.
An essential accessory for cold weather sports, designed to be used with thick winter gloves.
$69.95 $65.95
Allows users with limited grip or poor hand function to use exercise and sporting equipment without gripping.
Pair of padded wrist straps with rings that attach directly to the carabiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines.
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