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Unique star shaped hand exerciser allows the center to rest in the palm while the user works their fingers with each of the points.
Soothing menthol topical analgesic in an easy to apply roll-on bottle penetrates deep into sore muscles for muscle pain relief.
Now in PINK! Durable nylon webbing strap with elastic loops for effective, comfortable full body stretching.
Bright pink premium-quality Nordic walking poles with patented, ergonomic grips are more comfortable for fitness walking without wrist strain.
Provides an excellent workout opportunity for wheelchair-bound individuals, and accommodates individuals with limited gripping capabilities.
Allows users to apply pressure to release tension in sore muscles, knotted trigger points, and other muscle dysfunctions in hard to reach areas.
Progressive resistive exercise straps for effective ankle rehab following a sprain, and to strengthen and condition ankles to prevent injury.
Pair of padded wrist straps with hooks for pulling gym equipment bars, handlebars.
Adapted stepper with handles, recumbent seat, easy to get on and off, ideal for low impact cardio for users of all ages and mobility levels.
Easy to approach, step-thru design adapted rowing maching provides cardiovascular benefits of rowing in a design that’s ideal for all mobility levels.
Simple, easy-to-operate decompression bench design provides an efficient and safe way to comfortably decompress the lumbar spine.
Thoughtfully designed decompression bench with gas-assisted shock for automatic lowering and raising during exercise.
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