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2 in 1 exercise bike, workstation, standing desk
Folding, magnetic recumbent bike designed for people of all shapes and sizes
1/4 pound weights can be added or removed
1 pound weights can be added or removed
Add or remove weighted bars for progessive resistance exercises
Pair of adjustable, comfortable ankle weights for progressive resistive leg exercises.
Designed for children, single ankle weight is fully adjustable for comfort
Pair of weight adjustable, comfortable thigh weights ideal for floor exercises
Oval rebounder with padded handle, resistance cords and electronic monitor provides more stability than standard trampolines.
Exercise and rehabilitation device allows users to perform lower extremity exercises to help recover from knee replacement, ACL or PCL surgeries, hip replacement, fracture, or stroke and for low impact exercises at home.
Provides an excellent workout opportunity for wheelchair-bound individuals, and accommodates individuals with limited gripping capabilities.
Progressive resistive exercise straps for effective ankle rehab following a sprain, and to strengthen and condition ankles to prevent injury.
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