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UE Ranger movement system with wall mount for clinic settings.
Movement system with 3 interchangeable hand supports for rehabilitation of neurologic shoulder injuries
UE Ranger Neuro movement system with wall mount for clinic settings.
UE Ranger Neuro Movement system with door mount strap for home use.
Designed for freedom of wrist and hand movement.
Fully adjustable, padded single wrist weight with weighted bar inserts
Essential rehabilitation set for upper extremity exercises including hand and finger exercises.
Choose from 5 difference resistance levels of pinch pins for increasing hand strength.
Unique star shaped hand exerciser allows the center to rest in the palm while the user works their fingers with each of the points.
Adjustable, folding arm bike provides convenient, affordable way to tone and strengthen the upper body at home.
Soft therapeutic exercise putty ideal for gently increasing range of motion or to reduce stiffness.
Provides an excellent workout opportunity for wheelchair-bound individuals, and accommodates individuals with limited gripping capabilities.
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