National Left Handers Day is right around the corner, and so is the new school year. A big part of schooling consists of writing utensils that can often give even the most experienced writers some hand cramps. With the return of the school year and the celebration of lefties this year, there’s some questions raised about controlling arthritis and periodic hand cramps. Along with some little known facts about lefties, we’ve also brought a few new tools for those battling arthritis.

The Southpaw

“Southpaw” is a term often used when describing a left hander, it does make them seem kind of unique and cool though, right? When all that novelty wears off, though, there’s still the fact that left handers are the minority. The world has paved the way for those that are right handed, everything is made with a right hand in mind, and very little things customized to appeal to lefties. Things like a computer mouse, school desk, or even a musical instrument such as a guitar are all originally built for righties. Even so, they do make customizable items for people using their left hand, however they usually cost more and have to be ordered online.

Most left handers use both hands to write, although they might favor their left a little more. It’s described as ambidextrous, and most right handers can’t switch between hands like lefties. They also use the right side of their brain more often, and lefties only make up 12% of the population.

So the next time someone comments on your left handedness, be sure to tell them why it’s cool in the first place!

New School Year, New Writing Aids

Along with National Left Handers Day coming up on August 13th, most schools begin their first semester the same week. Believe it or not, children of all ages can struggle with forming Arthritis or hand cramps/pain, and most school work is done with a writing utensil. Fortunately, we have some great tools to aid in the whole writing department this year.

  • VariGrip Hand and Finger Therapy - These aids come color-coded to the weight of your choosing, the lowest weight being 1.5 - 3 lbs while the heaviest is 7 - 9 lbs. This tool can help strengthen muscles and joints in fingers and hands.
  • Hand Exercise Board With Tools - This item is very useful for strengthening fingers, hands, and forearms by providing fun and healthy ways to exercise the joints and muscles of fingers and hands. The tools provided offer new and creative ways to lessen hand cramping.
  • Finger Weights(Set of 5) - To increase strength, dexterity, and offer weight to weakened joints, these can be especially helpful for musicians, therapy, or hand-related work.
  • Juvenile Arthritis can be found in all ages and left handers aren’t exempt either. Arthritis can be very distracting and can delay the average time to get work done, so find time and resources to prepare for it before the new school year.

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