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Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack
Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack

Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack

Includes 5 fitness balls ideal for people with dementia.

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Active Minds
  • Helpful for increasing muscle strength and balance.
  • Ideal for gentle physical movements to promote a positive feeling of wellbeing.
The Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack includes 5 tactile balls developed originally for people with dementia. These adapted fitness balls are ideal for people with dementia to perform gentle resistance work and simple ball games.

Each ball in the Spa Ball Multi-Pack has been designed to help improve dexterity, coordination and mobility. The 8.6 inch diameter Spa Ball is a soft inflatable ball, great for gentle resistance work, ball games and promoting movement. The 4 inch diameter Mini Spa Ball Firm is a tactile ball, excellent for sensory work and promoting co-ordination skills. The 2.75 inch diameter Massage Ball is a firm spiky ball, perfect for self massage while improving mobility. The Massage Roller has a soft spiky surface, great for foot massages and improving circulation through gentle leg movement. This roller measures 2.36 inches in diameter and 5.9 inches long. The 2.5 inch diameter Stress Ball is a soft, textured memory foam ball, perfect for improving dexterity, coordination skills and mobility.

All of the Spa Balls are latex free and supplied in a unique drawstring bag.

Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack Specifications:

  • Materials: Latex free.
  • Care: Clean with antibacterial wipes.
  • Includes: 5 adapted fitness balls: Spa Ball, Mini Spa Ball Firm, Massage Ball, Massage Roller, Stress Ball.
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