Physical therapy (PT) can really help to make you stronger and more flexible, which can reduce osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain, according to most physical therapists.

When you get your body moving, you will have reduced pain and higher levels of energy, according to Brett Cook, a PT in Utah. Cook actually was diagnosed with arthritis when he was a child, and he well knows the fatigue and pain of living with the condition. He knows from first hand experience that getting physical therapy makes a huge difference in reducing arthritis pain.

#1 Work with a Physical Therapy Professional

Ask your doctor for the name of a top physical therapist in your area who works with arthritis patients. A good PT will be able to come up with a specialized PT program that is based upon your arthritis symptoms and progression of the disease. Also, the therapist will be able to ensure you are doing your exercises right and will also show you the latest ones to try. When you are working with a pro who can help you to change up the PT routine, it is less likely that you will get in a rut and give up.

#2 Do Not Ever Make Excuses

It’s easy to say that you are in too much pain today to do physical therapy, but that is a mistake, according to experts. Do not give up! What you can do is to work on a part of your body that is not as painful.

For instance, if your knees are really hurting today, focus instead on your wrists and arms with some curls. Also, try warm water workouts; the buoyancy of the water will reduce the pressure on the joints, and the warm water is soothing.

Just as with a regular exercise routine, you are much more likely to make it a regular thing if you do it at the same time daily.

#3 If Your Joints Are Stiff, Bring on the Heat!

Mornings can be a challenge because your joints get cold and stiff as you sleep. A warm shower can be a great therapeutic warm up. That moist heat will make muscles more relaxed, will get blood flow going to the painful region, and also will reduce spasms. It’s easier to do PT if your body already is warmed up, so be sure to hit the shower right after you wake up, and then get going on your PT.

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