Working out as we get older is great, but many people actually are working out in a way that if not counterproductive, may not get you the fitness results you want. Are you doing any of the below?

#1 Resting Too Much Between Sets

If you are fit and healthy enough to engage in weight lifting, it is important to take a break between sets of an exercise. However, if you take a break for more than about two minutes, your heart rate will drop and this limits the ability of your body to refuel the muscles. So, aim for a break between sets of 30-90 seconds.

#2 Slow, Long Workouts

Maximize your workout time. Slow and steady may be necessary for older people with medical conditions, but if not, you don't usually want to work out in this way. If you are fit enough, don't do an hour, slow workout. Rather, do a 30 minute workout of fast exercises. If you have to, you can take a 30 second break between each exercise. But put forth strong effort with minimal breaks as much as your body allows. You'll see better results.

#3 Don't Lean on Treadmill Rails

Leaning on treadmill rails for much of your workout is cheating yourself of many of the benefits of the workout. And you really can increase chances of getting hurt because you are not using correct form. Sure, use the rails to prevent you from falling, but only put your finger tips on them!

#4 Use Proper Weight

If you want to tone your body and build strength, shoot for a rep of 6-10. Doing sets of 20+ is not going to build muscle and strength effectively. The weight you use should be light enough so that you can do 6-10 reps with proper form. Once you get the right weight, try 1-3 sets of each exercise with 6-10 reps.

#5 Don't Repeat Yourself

Your body will get bored if you keep doing the same workouts over and over. And your results will decline. Your body actually gets used to the exercise and will burn less energy. Change things up every workout and keep your body guessing.

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