Summer is here and it is the perfect time to take a dip in the pool. While swimming is a popular pastime this season of the year, there is more you can do to maximize your swimming productivity. Instead of lounging lazily by the pool, you can get actively involved in water therapy activities and challenging forms of exercise. We have the equipment you need to kick your pool time up a few notches and get the most out of your summer break.

Who can benefit from water therapy?

Actually, anyone can benefit from water therapy, assuming they are healthy enough for exercise or have permission from their doctor. In most cases, doctors would encourage water therapy/exercise, as it is a way of staying active and helps increase cardiovascular health. One kind of activity that is especially productive is water resistance exercise. We provide a number of water training tools, but lets take one in particular that can be of use to people with leg weakness, neuromuscular disease, muscular dystrophy and other conditions. It is the All-Pro Aqua Power Ankle Weights.

How can ankle weights be used?

All-Pro Aqua Power Ankle Weights

There are a number of ways these ankle weights can be of use. They might be just what you have been needing to keep balance while doing a number of exercises, such as walking, water gymnastics, water yoga and more. With the All-Pro Aqua Power Ankle Weights, you can adjust the amount of weight exerted on your ankle in five-ounce increments up to a maximum of five pounds. This allows you to walk around in the pool in a more normal manner without floating into a horizontal position. Plus, it adds weight to water walking or jogging, which can increase the intensity of your routine.

Furthermore, ankle weights like the All-Pro Aqua Power Ankle Weights are known to be convenient for those with muscle weakness, as it helps them maintain an upright posture. Many people confined to wheelchairs can get in the pool and "walk" using these ankle weights. Not only is it an amazing experience, but it shows how healthy and game-changing water therapy and exercise can really be.

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