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Designed for users who have a limb difference affecting their hands or fingers.
Allows users with missing fingers to securely and comfortably grip for weightlifting and other activities.
Allows users with limited grip or poor hand function to use exercise and sporting equipment without gripping.
Pair of padded wrist straps with rings that attach directly to the carabiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines.
Allows users to safely decompress the spine in comfort for improved back, spine, hip, knee and ankle health.
Offers users an easier way to get effective neck and back pain relief and decompression without the need for inverting.
Sturdy light-weight all-terrain chair with rear articulating wheels for easier maneuverability on sand, snow, and other soft soils.
Essential rehabilitation set for upper extremity exercises including hand and finger exercises.
Choose from 5 difference resistance levels of pinch pins for increasing hand strength.
Unique star shaped hand exerciser allows the center to rest in the palm while the user works their fingers with each of the points.
Height adjustable step recommended for total body, low-impact workout for building strength and cardio endurance.
Soothing menthol topical analgesic in an easy to apply roll-on bottle penetrates deep into sore muscles for muscle pain relief.
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