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Avoid These 5 Workout Mistakes

Want to stay in shape as you age? Great! But avoid these five work out mistakes.
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Do Therapy At Home With Shoulder Pulleys

Talk to your physical therapist about trying these simple and affordable techniques to increase arm strength and shoulder flexibility at home the same way it's done in the clinic!

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3 Fantastic Exercises for People With Type 2 Diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, getting regular exercise is vital.
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Reasons To Monitor Blood Pressure At Home

Do you have high blood pressure? If so, talk to your doctor about at-home monitoring, especially for exercising. Check out these simple over-the-counter monitors.

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Stretch Calf Muscles for Improved Balance

Take a look at yet some more ways to stretch lower body muscles to keep improving your balance. Ankle incline boards help get the stretches you need.

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Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

Here are some tips on what to eat before a workout.
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