This month we’re celebrating Men’s health by raising awareness for it and offering a guide to help aid in some of the daily struggles the men in our life go through. What can be determined as a standard for “good health” can be anything from a healthy heart to a healthy mind but we’ve found that some of the solutions to these conditions coincide with each other. What can heal your heart can also heal your mind.

Keep a Healthy Mind

Studies over the last decade have proven that a lack of physical exercise can aid in heightening mental health conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and mania. While a lack of exercise doesn’t develop these conditions, it certainly worsens them with time.

When most people think of “exercise” they might be envisioning a gym but there is so much more to it than lifting weights or running on treadmills. Simple things like walking or cycling can burn the most calories and keep your heart rate going faster than something like lifting weights. A very underrated physical activity that helps relieve stress and various other diseases is swimming, not only is it therapeutic but the motion of swimming not only gets your heart rate going but it also strengthens your body.

Maintain a Healthy Body

The key to being healthy isn’t in one activity or another. It comes with a blend of all routines like eating right, staying active, and staying positive. Nothing was ever accomplished over night and nothing ever will be, except a good night’s sleep. Ample rest has also been proven to help aid in good mental health, good physical health, and healthy brain function. It helps reset the brain and the body for the next day and if we want tomorrow to be better than yesterday it starts with proper sleeping habits.

While going to the gym certainly isn’t required to maintain a healthy body, it’s strongly advised to work on upper fitness. Not only will it build strength but it will also aid in any healing process that might need to occur when going through physical therapy. Sprained wrists, dislocated shoulders, and broken hands can lose their strength quickly if not looked after.

Don’t Get Discouraged

It is never easy to change our routines and adapt to different lifestyles but the payoff is worth the price when the accomplishment allows you to live a longer, happier life. We are all our worst critics and the only thing stopping you from obtaining your goal and living a healthier life is yourself. There are hundreds of men out there that feel completely lost and are unsure where to start but it all starts with a good night’s rest and a positive attitude. Stay active!

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