Do you fit into the boomer category? If you are born between 1946 and 1964, then you can proudly claim your spot with this amazing generation of people! The optimistic outlook for a longer, healthier life for this generation, gives an edge to generations past. But, we don’t arrive at this by just eating and drinking the things we want, but rather, by staying fit—exercising our bodies to maintain muscle mass, bone strength and a healthy weight range.

There is a hierarchy for starting a fitness program. It will help to solidify your new, healthy lifestyle as you continue to age into your 60’s and 70’s. But, like any new program, be sure to consult with your physician before you start. This will help to pinpoint the areas that need attention AND maintenance.

5 Tips to starting your new exercise regimen:

  1. Functional Movement Screening (FMS)—This is a fitness test that you can get from a fitness trainer or your doctor. It will evaluate the basic movement patterns of your body, helping to identify problem areas that can lead to potential injury if the exercises are not done properly.
  2. Set a schedule – With your doctor or fitness trainer, figure out what your goals are and how much time you will need to commit to your exercise regimen in order to reach those goals.
  3. Examine your diet- Proper nutrition is probably the single most important part of your fitness program. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of food one consumes. Remember: burning calories and losing weight, is directly related to the foods taken in and the energy expended. Consistency and adherence will yield the best results.
  4. Resistance Training – Probably one of the most important types of exercise, especially for women. The risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis increases significantly in post-menopausal women—risking the chance of a bone fracture! Resistance training helps to build muscles mass, stronger bones, ligaments and tendons. Exercise bands and free weights for both arms and legs is a perfect way to improve your strength and overall wellness.
  5. Cardio TrainingInterval training has shown to be quite effective for calorie/fat burning. Interval training is exactly how it sounds—alternating your cardio workout with short, very high intensity bursts, with longer, slower intervals for recovery.

Be sure to do a regular assessment of your goals. This should include your performance level, strength and flexibility, as well as weight loss/maintenance so that you can enjoy the new healthy you!

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