Caregiving is a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding job. Working out can be a lifesaver for caregivers, but finding the time and space to do so may pose a challenge. We are going to provide you with some suggestions for workouts and exercise equipment that require very little of both.

Hand and foot exercises

Hand exercisers are small products that can be used to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles in your hand, fingers, and forearm. They can be bought in different sizes for the petite hand as well as for larger hands. A few examples of hand exercisers include: flex grip hand pads, soft touch foam, and hand helpers.

Pedal exercisers are an excellent alternative to full size exercise bikes. They help with both lower and upper body range of motion and strengthening. Their small size, portability, and ability to be folded, make space a non-issue and for the mechanically challenged, they are preassembled.

Hula hoop and other core exercises

Remember the hula hoop? For many of us it was a favorite childhood pastime. Well, it’s not just for kids anymore. It can provide a quick, fun, inexpensive workout that can be done indoors or outside. Hula-hooping helps burn off unwanted calories, trim belly fat, and tone the body, all using this one piece of equipment. For the best workout, recommends purchasing a hoop that is made especially for adults (it is larger and heavier than the kid version). You can check out some hula hoop workout routines here and here. YouTube offers a variety of hula hoop routines as well.

Exercise band loops are perfect for resistance exercise routines that can be used to work out your upper, lower, or full body. They are offered in extra light, light, medium, and heavy resistance options and can be bought in a variety of colors. Resistance bands can be used to target a specific area or as full body workout and you can easily complete a routine in as little as 15-20 minutes. Fitness magazine illustrates a variety of resistance band works.

Cardio with trampolines

Portable equipment that can be used for core and balance fitness includes back stretch benches, mini trampolines, and wobble boards. Inline back stretch benches are designed to be transported easily and can thus be used anywhere in the house; they allow you to stretch your spinal column to maintain proper alignment and are great for providing joint and back pain relief. Mini trampolines are also easy to move from room to room and are an excellent way to get your cardio in.

Many of these trampolines come equipped with handlebars for added safety. Wobble boards add an element of fun to your balance training. They can be used with one or both feet on the board and can be used for easy to difficult training routines. These boards can be used to increase range of motion, strengthen feet, ankles, and calves, or to work out your full lower body.

Is time and/or space making exercise difficult for you? Make it a non-issue with one or more of these products.

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