How many times have you gotten home and dreaded doing that 30-minute exercise session you told yourself you were going to start doing?

Don’t feel bad. Actually, for most people, it’s hard to make themselves commit to 30 or 45 minutes of exercise. It’s easier to put it off, because the task seems so daunting.

That’s the way it is, in fact, for almost any productivity goal. And if we can put it off, we will. That’s why it is such a hard commitment to go go to the gym. Going to the gym automatically requires you to work out for a long period of time.

There’s a trick to tackling daunting tasks

Much of it is psychological. Thirty minutes in your mind is actually longer than it is in real life. Therefore, the trick to defeating the putting-it-off syndrome is to pace yourself.

Specifically, it may be better for you to start exercising in small, 10-minute chunks throughout the day rather than doing it all at once. This is commonly called “chunking,” and the research supports it.

According to the health website, University of Virginia physiologist Glenn Gaesser tested this 10-minute sessions strategy on 15 people, and the results were drastically better. Each person in the study fit in 10-minute exercise sessions in their day 15 times in the course of each week. The results: their fitness levels matched those of people 20 younger than them.

Chunking is a great tool for increasing productivity in other facets of life. You may have read about the Pomodoro Technique, for instance, for getting homework and office work done. In the world of exercise, small chunks could be the key to your success.

How to divide your exercise in chunks

Indoor exercise equipment is great for utilizing small chunks of time. It doesn’t require leaving and going somewhere else.

Treadmills are especially great for this, since they allow you to work out your lower body as well as your upper body, all in one 10-minute power session.

The Stamina Avari Magnetic Resistance Treadmill is a great low maintenance treadmill that does not require electrical power. It records  your workout time, allowing you to pace yourself appropriately.

Another product to get in a quick workout here and there throughout the day is the CanDo Fold-Up Pedal Exerciser. Do pedal exercises with your arms or legs, and fold it up for easy travel and storage.

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