Selected Balance, Core Body Fitness Equipment for people with disabilities, arthritis, elderly, wheelchair users. Help prevent falls, improve mobility, with adapted core body exercisers and balance training aids.

Core & Balance

Adapted core and balance exercise machines target all the muscles in the trunk including the chest, back, abdomen, hips. Core and balance exercise aids are ideal for people with lower body injuries or disabilities, those with weight problems or diabetes, and frail seniors looking to reduce their risk of falling. Seated stretching and strengthening exercise aids can help reduce back pain, improve posture, prevent pressure sores, and decrease fall risks.

Balance and Core Adapted Exercise Aids… from ACTIVEnABLE

Not all exercise aids will fit every situation, so show these adapted body core exercisers to your doctor and/or physical therapist to be sure they will fit your needs and fitness goals.

Click on the links above to shop now for balance and body core body fitness equipment, inversion tables, balance trainers, balance pads, balance beams, wobble boards that will allow you to increase core strength, balance, posture, range of motion in your trunk, chest, back.
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Offers an unstable base for strength, balance & stability.
Great for coordination or balancing exercises.
Firm foam balance pad stability cushion exercise trainer for Physical Therapy, rehabilitation and core strength training.
Larger balance pad for more exercise options
Easily add or remove weights for custom resistance.
$49.95 $45.95
Helpful for increasing core strength by progressively adding weight.
$85.95 $72.95
Defy gravity with this inversion table to relieve stress, reduce back pain, and increase flexibility.
For stimulating standing balance reflexes and lower extremity strengthening!
Helps increase range of motion, and strengthen feet, and ankles!
Adjustable board encourages dynamic standing to help prevent fatigue
Easy to use balance training aid for developing dynamic strength
Ideal for intermediate and advanced level balance exercises
Ideal for beginner and intermediate level balance exercises
Square board wih tri-level adjustable center disc, for beginners
Helps improve flexibility to keep you active!
Height adjustable step recommended for total body, low-impact workout for building strength and cardio endurance.
User controlled massage for back pain relief
Allows users to safely decompress the spine in comfort for improved back, spine, hip, knee and ankle health.
Offers users an easier way to get effective neck and back pain relief and decompression without the need for inverting.
Gently stretch in a comfortable supine position for relieving back tension.
User friendly - no inverting or lying down
Ideal for older users, allowing the user to sit in a chair and get comfortable before inverting
Oval rebounder with padded handle, resistance cords and electronic monitor provides more stability than standard trampolines.
Oval rebounding surface provides more stability than standard trampolines
Inflatable anti-burst adapted fitness ball
Inflatable anti-burst adapted yoga seating cushion
A Guide to Rehabilitation Training with the ActivMotion Bar
$14.95 $8.95
Anti-Burst system provides increased safety
$48.95 $42.95
Anti-Burst system provides increased safety
$42.95 $37.95
Burst proof fitness ball eliminates potential safety risk.
$38.95 $32.95
Ideal for stability training and every day life as sitting device.
$34.95 $28.95
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