Do you like to dance? If so, you will be pleased to know that a recent study by The New England Journal of Medicine found that dancing may be the very best activity for active seniors!

The study found that dancing provides major cardiovascular benefits, as well as a better feeling of self, less stress and higher serotonin levels, which increase our feelings of personal satisfaction.


Equally important, the study showed that dancing helps us to keep our muscle tone and balance as we get older.

And there's more!

The clinical study also indicated that dancing is better than many other active hobbies for seniors, including golf and swimming, as far as the ability to have a positive effect on cognitive skills. Dancing often was found to have a huge 76% effective rate in guarding against Alzheimer's disease. Other studies in recent years have shown similar results.

There seem to be two major reasons why dancing is so effective for our health, especially in sharpening us mentally. First, dancing requires you to make very quick decisions, especially when you are dancing as the 'follower.'

Also, dancing requires the dancer to use several brain functions at once while you are dancing away - you have to move in a coordinated fashion with your arms and legs, and also you need to communicate with your partner and others.

Many community centers and retirement centers usually have many opportunities for older, active people to dance. So, you really should get out your dancing shoes and start dancing soon! It is a really good way to get exercise, increase your mental acuity, and to socialize.