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Danmar Delta Swim Aid
Danmar Delta Swim Aid

Danmar Delta Swim Aid

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Adapted flotation system for swimmers with postural balance.
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The Danmar Delta Swim Aid is an adapted flotation system for swimmers with postural balance and the ability to control their arm movements. This aquatic therapy system enhances the body's center of buoyancy for progressive swim development.

The Danmar Delta Swim Aid is designed with removable pieces that can be taken off as the user's swimming skills progress. The swim aid supports the user's core with the chest piece, back piece, neck piece and crotch strap which are held in place with adjustable straps. The users' extremities are free to paddle, kick, and move. Choose from 3 different sizes with different size pads. For additional buoyancy or equalization of balance, the Pad Plus can be used. Ambulatory individuals with postural balance and arm control who need additional core support for swimming will find the Danmar Delta Swim Aid helpful.

Danmar Delta Swim Aid Specifications:

  • Choose size: Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Small Size Fits: Users weighing 30 - 60 pounds.
  • Small Size Dimensions: 11 inches long, 13 inches wide (front section).
  • Medium Size Fits: Users weighing 60 - 150 pounds.
  • Medium Size Dimensions: 15 inches long, 17 inches wide (front section).
  • Large Size fits: Users weighing 150 - 240 pounds.
  • Large Size Dimensions: 19 inches long, 20 inches wide (front section).
  • Material: Ensolite marine flotation foam, a closed-cell polyvinyl foam.
  • Color: Yellow. Custom colors available by special request.
  • Accessories: Delta Pad Plus can be added for increased buoyancy (special order).
  • Made in: USA.

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