As you probably know, regular exercise can have a huge effect on the active senior's overall health and well being. Staying active over 60 has been shown in clinical studies to reduce joint pain, boost energy, and increase overall strength.

Active, older adults who work out also are more mobile and independent. To enjoy all of these benefits, make sure that you get a good mix of the four types of activity below.


An endurance workout benefits your cardiovascular system. The best exercise according to some is dancing, but walking running, swimming and biking are good too. Some older people like to jump on a mini trampoline; this is both gentle and beneficial to the boy.


These activities increase muscle mass, increase metabolism and strengthen your bones (the latter is especially critical for older adults in case of falls). The most popular ways to build strength are using free weights, resistance bands, and even squatting while holding the back of a chair.

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Falls are more dangerous as we age, because we tend to lose strength and sense of balance. However, you can improve your balance by doing simple exercises such as standing balanced on one foot. Or, get up and down in a chair without holding onto it.

Other Considerations

Be sure to drink a lot of water when you are working out. If you have not worked out recently, it is never too late to start. Just check with your doctor before you begin, and be sure to start slowly.