Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 19, 2016. Sure, it’s a good day to take your father out to eat and give him a nice gift, but why not add to the fun and do some type of activity with your him.

All relationships, whether it be family or friends, benefit from doing tasks together. Sometimes, however, we fall into ruts in our relationships, visiting each other from time to time, Skyping, talking on the phone, etc. Technology and social media are great tools for staying connected with our dads, but we should not over-rely on them either to the point of ignoring everything else.

Performing a specific task with someone is a bonding experience that involves teamwork to achieve a common objective. Here are some helpful ideas of proactive activities you can share with your father on this special day.

Play sports

Many dads are big sports fans. Most of us spend so much time watching sports on TV that we’ve forgotten how much fun it is to play sports ourselves. Another discouragement to embracing sports is the idea that “I am not able to play sports” or that sports is something only pro-athletes can do.

Not true! Sports is for everyone, and if your dad has been trying to get more physically fit, inviting him to a game of frisbee golf or even regular golf will encourage him much more than simply asking him to exercise. Gym-style exercise is daunting for many people, because they think it just sounds like boring work or that they will have to pay a gym membership fee. Here at ACTIVEnABLE, we believe that the home is actually a great way to get in our exercise, maybe even the best way.

Some sports you can play on your own property are:

  • Flag football
  • Mini golf
  • Volleyball
  • Ping pong
  • Driveway hockey
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Frisbee toss
  • Basketball


If you have a pool, lake or river close by, swimming can be one of the funnest physical activities to do with your father, especially in these hot summer months. Pool activities include:

  • Racing
  • Swimming laps
  • Pool volleyball
  • Diving

Don’t forget to check out our variety of aids for water activities!


Another water activity is, of course, fishing! One of the manliest activities on the planet, fishing actually involves more physical effort than people give it credit for. Getting together your poles, tackles, boats and/or other supplies is much healthier than just sitting at home watching TV! Sure there is a lot of sitting and waiting, but eventually you will be working those muscles to reel in the big catch!

We offer a special glove that may help you or your father hold fishing rods more easily. Click these links for right hand or left hand.

Make something

Fix up the car, or invent something new altogether. There are many opportunities to make any contraption you can think up. If your dad has a dedicated workshop, consider joining him and learning how to do something you’ve never done before, such as woodwork or electric engineering projects. Alternatively, you could try searching for “maker spaces” in your local area and become a member in order to have access to building tools and space. The world of making and inventing is taking off by storm. Who knows, your father or you could be the next Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin!

Stay active!

In addition to these fun projects, staying active with regular and consistent at-home exercise can help you keep the fire burning. Don’t just be active one day out of the year. Stay active for the long haul and lead the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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