National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is here! The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition observes this month by promoting greater awareness of the need for exercise and activity. We encourage you to challenge yourself to step up your game this month by increasing your exercise regimen.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends moderate aerobic activity for about two hours and 30 minutes each week. Muscle strengthening activities, like lifting weights or using exercise bands are recommended at least two days a week.

Why not set a goal for yourself this month to increase your exercise if only for a 30-day period by doing just 10 more minutes a day of exercise? That’s the total amount of time it would take to do some simple reps with one of our exercise bands.

We offer quite a selection of exercise bands. So let’s break it down to see which length, form and resistance level is right for you.

Form: loop or flat

There are basically two forms of exercise band: those that are closed to form a round ring, much like a large, latex rubber band; and those with a long, open ended band.


CanDo Exercise Band Loops Set of 3 Medium Resistance

CanDo Exercise Band Loops Set of 3 Medium Resistance

The loop bands offer ease of use and quicker setup time for working out, while the flat bands offer greater versatility. You’ll need to tie the flat band in order to use it, but being able to tie it to different links means one band fits any workout scenario. With the loop bands, you’ll need to have separate bands of various lengths. Each pack of CanDo Exercise Band Loops we sell come with three loop bands of three different sizes:

10 inch loop for upper body workouts (arms)

15 inch loop for lower body workouts (legs)

30 inch loop for full body workouts  (arms and legs)

Resistance level

Loop bands are sold in 5 different resistance levels: extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. Your preferred resistance level will depend on your own strength and how intense you want your workout to be. If you have health conditions such as muscle weakness, fatigue or back pain, start with a low resistance level.

Flat bands offer versatility

CanDo Low Powder Exercise Band Packs

For flat bands, we sell the CanDo Low Powder Exercise Band Pack. This pack has three four-foot bands of differing resistance levels. Tie off the bands to whatever length you want and practice a variety of workouts, as illustrated in this brochure.

Adding just a couple of hours of resistance training to your week can be easily accomplished using these high quality bands.