The beginning of a new fitness regimen or routine fosters feelings of excitement. We look forward to getting on that treadmill or bike, walking, or running around the track, hitting the gym, or attending that new exercise class. After some time, has passed, maybe a year for some, weeks or months for others, we often find that “the thrill is gone.” That same routine that we were so excited about becomes a drag, a chore that we would rather not complete.

Question: What do you do when your fitness routine has become too routine?

Answer: You find ways to bring it back to life.

How do you do that?

Today, we are going to suggest ways you can liven up your routine with new routines and exercise equipment.

Take a new class

Many people prefer an exercise class because they enjoy the camaraderie and group exercise helps to keep them motivated. If this is the case for you, try out a new class that you haven’t participated in before. Zumba is a popular new class. For music and dance lovers, Zumba offers an effective dance/exercise workout that is fun and a calorie burner. Most gyms, recreation and senior centers, and YMCA’s offer Zumba. Some churches offer these classes as well. Yoga isn’t just for relaxing, it too can offer a great workout. From gentle stretches to more challenging yoga poses, yoga may be the new routine that you need.

Indoor pools can be great exercise

If you enjoy the water, spice up your work out with a class that will keep you in the water. Water walking and water aerobics are two such options. If you prefer to work out alone, these activities can be done solo as well. For those with mobility limitations, a water walker or other water exercise aids can provide you with the balance and stability you need to get active in the pool.

Add a challenging factor to jogging

Joggers, and walkers why not challenge yourself by introducing ankle weights into your routine. You can start off easy with a one pound pair and move up to 2.5 and 5 pound pairs as you get more adventurous. They can also be used on your wrists as well. There are also many other leg exercise aids available.

Benefit of the gym, at home

If the gym is where you normally go to get your workout in, but you’re burned out with it, there are many products available that are inexpensive and portable and will give you the same results as the gym equipment. Instead of using resistance machines you can purchase resistance bands that will give you the same level of exercise. They can be bought for different levels light to heavy resistance, enabling you to progress levels as your endurance increases. Resistance bands can be used for both low and high impact routines.

Don’t let the monotony of your routine stop you from working out. Try a new routine or incorporate a new exercise product. Your body will thank you.

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