A person with a disability can become more sedentary and possibly confined to a wheelchair or the home. Over time, this can have a negative effect on health. One of the ways to stay fit with a disability is to strengthen the stomach muscles, as well as back and butt muscles. Try these helpful exercises below to boost your core strength.

Side Bend

The obliques run down the sides of your abdomen. These muscles are vital to keep the body stable and to support the core. This exercise helps to keep the obliques flexible and also builds stomach strength.

To do a side bend, inhale and lift your right arm above your head. Put your left arm on your hip to give support. Exhale as you bend to the left. Hold for three long breaths and then go back to the starting position.

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Cat's Pose

Good, strong stomach muscles give you good posture. And good posture means that you will have your organs in the right places, which provides you with better overall performance when you exercise.

Yoga poses are effective to stretch the back and to boost the strength of your core and obliques. The cat's pose can be done in a wheelchair or sitting on the floor. Put your hands on your thighs and do a long exhale. Round your body forward and arch up like a cat. Drop the chin to your chest. Hold and inhale as deep as you can for three breaths.


Rowing is a good workout for the upper body that boosts the strength of the shoulders, chest and arms, but also the core and abs. Try to lift your hands as if you have a tray in front of you. Palms should be up and hands should be at waist level. Keep elbows tucked in to the sides and pull your right and then left elbow back.

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