Between all the food and traveling and staying indoors, being active during the holidays and winter months can be a challenge. But if you try these tips and tricks below, you should be able to make staying active and fit part of your holidays.

#1 Get Outside

Nothing wrong with snuggling under the blankets and having hot cocoa. But if you want to stay fit, you will need to get outside. If you are physically able, try going for a winter hike, shovel snow without overdoing it, and even building a snowman with your grandchildren.

#2 Challenge Yourself

Runner's World magazine challenges readers to run at least one mile per day from Thanksgiving through New Year's. If you are not able to run, that's fine; you still can challenge yourself! Go for a walk every day for 20 minutes, or try a new weightlifting exercise daily.

#3 Use Your Feet

If you are traveling over the holidays, try to do some of your site seeing on foot or by bike.

#4 Find Someone to Join You

Getting out of bed at 6:30 am for a walk or run is hard if you do it by yourself. But if you find someone to do a regular work out with you, it's a lot easier. Having someone else to rely on/depend upon you for exercise will keep you motivated.

#5 Include Family

Working out often is a solitary thing, and that is why many people stop going to the gym when friends and family come into town. But there is no reason why you can't invite your guests to come with you to the gym!

#6 Find a Gym Promotion

Many local gyms have special deals at the New Year. See if you can find a good deal at the gym; you also can try to get a free or discounted session with a personal trainer.

#7 Try Some Active and Able Products!

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