If you have had a stroke, you could have weakness in your hands. Hand exercises can be very helpful to boost the strength and dexterity in your hands, no matter if you are just starting to regain movement in a hand, and also if your hand already has a good range of motion.

There are many exercises that you can try to help to increase motor skills in your hands that may have declined after stroke. Of course, some of these might be too easy or hard depending on the condition of your hands. Helpful hand exercises include:

  • Stacking pennies
  • Turning over cards
  • Stringing beads
  • Playing checkers
  • Playing the piano
  • Picking up cans that are empty and putting them down
  • Rolling a pencil between your thumb and fingers

Also, at ActiveNAble.com, we have many exercise accessories that are very helpful to build strength in your hands. You can use some of these accessories in addition to the exercises that are listed above. For example, our Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser is wonderful for building hand strength:

Flex-Grip Hand Pad Exerciser

This product allows you to increase the strength in the hands in many ways. It affects all joint actions, such as extension, flexion, opposition, adduction, and pronation. this product is made from polymer gel and will not ever crack.