January is National Hobby Month, which is a good time to reconnect to hobbies and activities that bring us joy. It is also a great time to take up a new hobby that keeps us busy and productive for years to come.


Staying active with favorite hobbies makes us fitter and happier as we age.

Some of the most popular and growing hobbies for older adults in America today include the following.


Swimming is not just fun, it is extremely beneficial for our bodies, without the impact of many other exercises. Some of the benefits of swimming according to the CDC are decreasing the chances of chronic illness, better health for people with heart disease, reduction in osteoarthritis pain, better joint health, and improves mood/reduces depression.

Water aerobics are another excellent hobby that can boost your health and be a lot of fun. Some water aerobics aficionados like to use our All-Pro Aqua Power Ankle Weights to improve their fitness:

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Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are great options for improving strength and flexibility as we age. Yoga is getting more popular with seniors in the US because it helps to extend the spine and it boosts blood flow to our brains and hearts.


Walking with a friend or in a small group is a very popular hobby and activity for seniors. It leads to better overall fitness and also is an opportunity to get outside and be social with others. Some senior groups do monthly or annual longer walks together to support a cause, such as breast cancer research.

Walking is recognized as such a healthy hobby for older Americans that the AARP has designed a program to encourage people over 50 to organize walking groups in their area.

Gardening and Cooking

Planting and managing a garden allows you to be creative, to work out and to get outdoors. That combination makes it a very popular hobby with active older Americans.

Many gardening activities improve health: gripping, lifting, stretching, stooping, standing, walking and squatting among them. Many seniors garden just to make their home more beautiful, but others focus on growing herbs and vegetables to put more delicious and healthy food on their tables.

Whatever hobbies you enjoy, be sure to engage in them at least a few times per week; research shows that people who enjoy hobbies and activities regularly live healthier and happier lives.

So get out there and celebrate National Hobby Month today! :)