It’s hard to believe that the summer months are just around the corner! For some, it has been a long, snowy, rainy and cold winter and only welcome the warmth that is almost upon us.

For many, inside exercising is a necessity due to the cold and inclement weather during the winter months. So why not take a look at an alternative way to get in your required and desired exercise while enjoying the outside sunshine?

You guessed it! POOL EXERCISE! Many communities have an outside public pool, but if you do not have access to that, no worries. Changing your exercise regimen up a bit in a pool, even if it is inside, is still worth doing.

The good news is that pool exercising is an excellent form of exercise for people with disabilities. If getting in and out of the pool is difficult, there are lifts and chairs that can assist in that task.

Additionally, people who are in need of physical therapy can benefit from aquatic therapy. The buoyancy of the water prevents increased pressure and stress on the injured part of the body. Pool exercise not only improves agility, strength, balance and stamina, but it also contributes to cardiovascular and neurological health.

Here are some great ways to get your pool exercise in regardless of being indoors or out.

  1. Laps with hand or ankle weights: Starting out at a comfortable pace, swim laps with weights to increase the benefit of cardiovascular and weight training. As you increase your stamina, so will the number of laps.
  2. Side steps: This is a great way to work your outer and inner thighs. Hold onto the side of the pool for balance if necessary, and side step the length of the pool—2 times is the recommended starting amount, adding as strength increases.
  3. Jog or walk: You can make this as difficult as you want—especially if you are already in great shape. Increasing the speed and resistance will give you a challenging workout.
  4. Water Aerobics: Many gyms and community pools offer group classes, including water aerobics. This type of exercise benefits not only those who are in great shape but also those who need weightless exercise.
  5. Noodle laps: Grab one of those long noodles and kick your way across the pool. This is a great way to tone the legs.
  6. Biking: Much like the underwater jogging and walking, biking is another way to get in that cardio exercise, as well as leg toning.
  7. Knee lifts: March in place at the side of the pool. Great for hips and quads. For an even more challenging workout, stand in the center of pool to work on your balance.
  8. Pushups: This is a great ‘free weight’ type of exercise. Standing at pools’ edge, press through your hands and push yourself up half way out of the water. Then lower yourself down and repeat.

As in with any change or addition to your current exercise program, always consult with your physician before commencing in something new.

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