All of us start to battle aging at some point, with some sooner than others. Generally however, staying active as you age will keep you agile and fit, adding years to your life. But what about getting too old to exercise?

Some people still believe that we always have to slow down as we get older. But according to much medical research, people who continue to run, swim and lift weights as they age really don't slow down much, at least until they hit 70 or so.

Research shows that you do not need to work out like a triathlete or Olympian to realize health benefits. If you just get off your couch and go for a regular daily walk, you can get more fit over time.

Experts believe that mobile older people who are active and work out at least 30 minutes, three times per week are at less risk of cardiovascular problems. They also have lower rates of mortality.

Working out regularly also helps with arthritis, counter intuitive as this might seem. By doing a light work out several times per week, you are able to maintain muscle mass, which helps you to burn more calories at rest. One of the biggest reasons that people get arthritis is that they gain weight as they age. The more weight you carry, the more pressure exerted on the knees and hips.

Also, having more muscle mass will increase your chance of living longer, as well as reduce the chance of arthritis. Muscle acts as a sort of shock absorber as you walk or run, so it reduces your joints pounding together.

So, remember that you really never are too old to exercise, and it will keep you young.

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