This October we are celebrating the lives lost, battles won, and the fight to defeat Breast Cancer. Attending events and fundraisers can be a great start to raising awareness, support other families and survivors while hosting a family friendly event to gain the resources to further research and support the fight against breast cancer.

Besides fundraisers and events, most patients seeking aid or support look for others with stories of their own. The best way to support the cause is to share your experience with it, your journey to surviving this awful disease can help thousands of other women and men with their own battle. Forums, support groups, and many events have openings to share stories for the community. The website for BCAM (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) offers many resources such as a free guide for early detection, volunteer programs, and a National Mammography Program. The NBCF is a program with facilities that offer free mammograms and further treatment if a diagnosis is found.

Another way to bring awareness to breast cancer is through the color pink!

Stay Chic with Pink

Pink ribbons are normally what we associate with breast cancer awareness, even most children understand the meaning behind them from an early age. Decorating in Pink has become one of the best ways to bring awareness, so here’s a few tips to decorate for the month!

Range-Master Breast Cancer Recovery Kit - For staying active after surgeries, this kit includes tools to help recovery after surgery, aiding in physical therapy needs.

Aqua Creek Tidal Wave Pool Bike - For a personal gym or a local gym, this aquatic bike is perfect for innovative exercise, and it’s that bright shade of pink to catch peoples’ eyes too!

Range-Master Pink Pulley - A self lubricating nylon-roller pulley that doesn’t squeak with adjustable line length. The pulley also includes a breast cancer exercise guide.

These items not only help those with breast cancer but they also wear the colors for awareness. Awareness is never easy, but wearing pink is. Support the cause through pink decals, shirts, car decals, ribbons, and much more. Stay pink with the Wright Stuff this month!

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