2016 is a year for sports lovers. The summer Olympic Games in Rio are here and will be immediately followed by the Paralympics.

The Paralympic Games have been around since 1960, when it was first officially begun in Rome. Before that, national and international disability sporting events had mainly involved veterans of World War I and World War II.

The years and seasons have changed, but the Paralympics continues to be a sign of the limitless opportunities for achievement that people with disabilities are capable of.

For instance, the famous Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson won 11 gold medals in wheelchair racing during a long career spanning from 1988 to 2004. Trischa Zorn won 32 gold medals in swimming for the blind during her long and successful career from 1980 to 2004.

Whichever Paralympian you look to for inspiration, the message is clear: Disability shouldn’t stop you from excelling and achieving your goals.

That is why we specialize in fitness equipment that is designed for people with disabilities or people who are rehabilitating.

Whether the disability is new or lifelong, options for keeping up with exercise often involve adapting activities to be done in the bed or wheelchair. Here are a couple products we offer that are perfect for incorporating upper body exercises into your daily routine.

Stuck in Bed Fitness Spider Edition

The Stuck in Bed Fitness Spider Edition is a device that stands over beds and/or wheelchairs and features a variety of resistance bands, an arm peddler and other fitness aids.

The Stuck in Bed Fitness Spider Edition is particularly useful for people who are confined to a bed or wheelchair and have difficulty maintaining a healthy level of physical activity.

With the Stuck in Bed Fitness Spider Edition, the gym comes to you, instead of you going to the gym. This could be the difference between increasing strength and range of motion, or growing weaker.

Stuck in Bed Fitness Viper Travel Kit

Another, more economical option is the Stuck in Bed Fitness Viper Travel Kit. This kit includes a portable chair for people who need to sit while performing their exercise regimen. It also features an array of resistance cords, exercise balls and other equipment. This is the ideal wheelchair/bed exercise kit for using in flights and taking to hotels. Traveling is part of staying active!

Our goal is to help you with your fitness goals despite any disabling conditions you might have. These upper body fitness products can help increase your arm strength for hobbies and activities of daily living. Who knows, you might be the next gold medal Paralympian!

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