One myth about exercise is that it’s all about getting stronger and looking like a ripped body builder. However, the fact is that exercising is for everyone and carries with it a multitude of health benefits other than pumped muscles.

One important kind of exercise regimen to maintain is core and balance, especially if you have health conditions that put you at risk for back pain problems now or in the future. Lower back pain can be caused by conditions such as arthritis and spondylolisthesis, both of which can lead to sciatica, or pinched nerve pain in the lower back.

Can exercise really help?

If you have any of these conditions, starting a core and balance exercise program might seem counterintuitive. “Wouldn’t it just make my back hurt even more?” you might ask.

But the answer is, not necessarily. While it is true that you should avoid exercises that risk back injuries when you have certain conditions, lying down all the time or leading a sedentary lifestyle can make back pain worse over time, although it might help relieve immediate symptoms.

Exercising strengthens core muscles and leads to better overall spine health. You are less likely to suffer from slipped discs, fractures, degenerative diseases, and other conditions by maintaining the muscles around the spine, lower back and pelvis.

What we offer

We offer a variety of core and balance exercise equipment that may help you achieve overall improved lower back health.

The Infinity 8 Board Balance Trainer is one of our funnest items, helping you achieve fluid core motions yet without stress to the lower back.

The Infinity 8 Board Balance Trainer features two spinning discs that you can stand on, allowing you to move in the critical “figure 8” motion, which is important for many types of sports.

Watch the video below to see all the movements that are possible with the Infinity 8 Board Balance Trainer.

Performing these exercises can increase core strength and lead to better balance when performing activities of daily living.

Another core strength aid is the CanDo 14-inch Inflatable Balance Disc. As seen in this YouTube video, there are at least two ways to use these kinds of inflatable balance discs:

  • Stand on the disc, extend your arms and rotate your upper body. The inflatable disc will force you to use your abdomen and back muscles to maintain proper balance. The key is to try to maintain as straight a posture as possible.
  • Another way to use the CanDo 14-inch Inflatable Balance Disc is to lie on top of it at the place on your lower back where the coccyx (tailbone) is located. In this position, you should try to raise your knees in alternating motions. You can also attempt to extend both legs straight up toward the ceiling and maintain a still posture.

You should always speak to your doctor before changing your exercise routine or starting a new one, especially if you already are experiencing lower back pain or sciatica. If you are not experiencing lower back pain but wish to prevent it due to arthritis or other conditions, these exercise techniques might be exactly the prevention answer you are looking for.

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