Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that causes foot pain in people between the ages of 40 and 60, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can also affect people who put a lot of stress on their feet by playing sports or people who are overweight.

This condition is defined as inflammation in the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue that runs under the arch of your foot and connects to the heal. When this area has been overstressed or becomes tight, it can cause sharp pain in the bottom of the foot and heal. It can usually be treated in a six-month span in consultation with your doctor and possibly a physical therapist.

Whether you’ve had plantar fasciitis in the past or not, prevention of this condition can save a lot of time and trouble. While plantar fasciitis is usually very treatable, it involves months of not being able to do your normal activities so that the plantar fascia can fully heal.

Various stretches on a daily basis are often used to treat plantar fasciitis. These same stretches are also good for you in general and can help prevent the condition. These stretches include:

Achilles heel stretch

Stretching the Achilles heel helps keep the muscles and tendons in that area loose so that you will be less likely to damage, stress or overextend it when doing activities of daily living. It is often recommended to lean forward against a wall with one foot placed forward for balance and the other foot placed backward in order to get in that stretch. The idea is to force your foot in an upward angle in a comfortable manner.

However, you do not have to lean against a wall if you have the OPTP Slant Board. The OPTP Slant Board is made of durable yet comfortable weight-bearing foam and allows you to achieve an Achilles stretch without having to lean forward. Being in this comfortable position can encourage you to stretch for longer periods of time, and the OPTP Slant Board’s foam material makes it more comfortable than similar boards made of wood or plastic.

Ball roll

This stretch can be achieved with any ball or cylindrically shaped object (such as a can or bottle), but our OPTP Super Pinky Massage Balls are perfect for this stretch. Keep one around so you won’t have to look for random objects!

Sit down and place the OPTP Super Pinky Massage Balls under your foot. Then roll the ball with your foot along the plantar fascia to help stretch the tissue and tendons. This will help keep the plantar fascia limber and healthy so that it will be less prone to cramps, contractures and inflammation.

Take control

Our ethos here at ACTIVEnABLE is that healthy and active daily living is essential, because prevention is the first step in the defense against potentially debilitating conditions. We hope these products and other exercise and stretching accessories in our store will help you do just that.

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