Osteoarthritis sufferers deal with pain in the hips, back, and knees on a daily basis. Finding an exercise activity that won't add to this pain, can be a difficult task for those with this condition. The solution to this problem may lie in pool therapy. The pool water allows those with osteoarthritis to stretch and flex without adding pain because the water decreases the weight placed on their joints and spine. According to WebMD, in waist deep water your body bears only 50% of its weight, for chest deep immersion 25-35%, and in neck deep water your body bears a mere 10% of its weight.

Don't Know How to Swim/No equipment?

The ability to swim is not necessary in order to participate in water workouts, as most of them involve exercising in a vertical position. An added bonus for pool therapy is that no equipment is required; the water provides the resistance needed to challenge your body.

Dependent on a Wheelchair or Walker?

If you are wheelchair bound or require assistance from a walker, that's okay. Flotation belts and the anti-gravity pull of the water will enable you to stand in the pool.


Water walking, jogging, running, and aerobics are some of the pool therapy options available. Contact your local YMCA, recreation, or senior center for group or individual classes.

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