What activities promote your mental health?

Research shows social, physical and religious activity participation lowers the risk for depression. The risk of depression is reduced 19% in elderly individuals that participate in physical activities, and by a further 13% by those who engaged in social activities and another 22% by those who participated in religious activities. Overall, 36% of participants of two or three of these activities, decreased their potential for depression.

Physical activity, for this study, refers to thirty minutes of above-moderate movement, three times per week, like power walking, swimming, ping-pong, badminton, stretching, dancing or yoga. Social and religious activity refers to participation one time per week, including attendance at a religious facility, senior center, fraternity, reunion, or gathering.

19.8% of research subjects met the physical activity requirements, while 26.4% met the social, and 25% met the religious requirements. Avoidance of depression can be elevated by raising these numbers for maximum participation.

Participation in above-moderate exercise, socializing and attending religious activities is not easy for everyone. Family and caregiver support makes these activities possible. Safe and proper mobility aids allow higher rates of participation as well. The right exercise equipment can provide an adequate level of fitness, which may propel your energy to be able to get to those social and religious activities too.

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