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RAD300 RAD ROD Massage Stick
RAD300 RAD ROD Massage Stick

RAD ROD Massage Stick

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Allows users to self-perform highly effective treatment of muscle pain and trigger points.
Product Number: RAD300
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The RAD ROD Massage Stick is thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials and allows users to provide a more effective massage. This thin myofascial release tool has a steel core and high-density foam and silicone outer layer for targeted pressure and better comfort.

The RAD ROD Massage Stick is ideal for the lower body. The thin, 360-degree layer of soft, EVA material pads the length of the massage stick to give users the freedom to use it anywhere - from thick, meaty leg muscles to more delicate, boney areas like the shins and forearms. The durable steel core will not bend or break, even under intense pressure. The slender design minimizes surface area so users can apply targeted pressure without pain even on bony areas like the shin. This massage tool is specially designed to help relieve tension associated with injury recovery, workout recovery, tension headaches, body maintenance, muscle knots, muscle soreness, shin splints, running. This massage stick can be used for usual rolling or can be inserted into the center hole of the RAD Atom to create a self-directed, crowbar-style shearing tool that pulls muscles open. It can also slide through the RAD Helix or RAD Axle for use like a foam roller with instant handles (RAD Axle, RAD Helix, and RAD Atom are sold separately). This deep-tissue massage roller stick helps crossfit, personal training, yoga, pilates, zumba, marathons, biking, users relieve tension, increase mobility and, most importantly, move and feel better. The RAD ROD Massage Stick portable myofascial release tool allows users to better customize the level of pressure needed to experience real-time injury prevention, muscle recovery, and relief in motion.

RAD ROD Massage Stick User Guide

RAD ROD Massage Stick Specifications:

  • Materials: Steel inner core, high density foam and silicone outer shell, BPA, latex, and plastic free.
  • Measures: 22 inches long, 0.75 inch diameter.
  • Weighs: 1.2 pounds.
  • Packaging: Recycleable.
  • Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer warranty on all RADRoller products; please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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