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Range-Master Stretch-Strap Blue
Range-Master Stretch-Strap Blue

Range-Master Stretch-Strap Blue

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Durable nylon webbing strap with elastic loops.
Product Number: ATD500
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The Range-Master Stretch-Strap Blue is a durable nylon webbing strap with elastic loops. This stretching aid allows the user to safely anchor and position feet or hands for effective, comfortable stretching.

The 6-foot long Range-Master Stretch-Strap is made of 1 inch wide durable nylon with loops at each end. Along the strap are 8 seven inch long tough elastic loops that are securely stitched in place. Use this unique stretching strap to pull muscles through a full range of motion. Simply position the hands or feet through the desired elastic loop to stretch the hamstrings, lower back, triceps, biceps, thighs, calves, quadriceps, or hip flexors. Included with each Range-Master Stretch-Strap is a Patient Guide demonstrating adapted stretches for the hamstrings, quads, calves, lower back, triceps, hips, and shoulders. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner prior to beginning any exercise regimen.

PDF Range-Master Stretch-Strap Instructions for Assembly and Use

Range-Master Stretch-Strap Blue Specifications:

  • Measures: 6-feet long, 1 inch wide.
  • Material: Durable nylon webbing construction, sewn-in elastic loops.
  • Includes: Patient Guide.
  • Color: Blue.

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