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CRP620S Shoulder Arc for Range of Motion : Single Arc
CRP620S Shoulder Arc for Range of Motion : Single Arc

Shoulder Arc for Range of Motion

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Upper extremity therapy exerciser helps individuals increase their mobility range.
Product Number: CRP620
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The Shoulder Arc for Range of Motion is designed for users to increase their shoulder mobility. This shoulder rehabilitation device is often used by physical or occupational therapists to help users develop their range of motion, coordination, and upper-body strength.

The Shoulder Arc is constructed with a hardened aluminum base, a single or double curved tube, and 24 colored tabs. The aluminum base measures 3 inches wide and 36 inches long and can be secured to a table using the two pre-drilled holes or a clamp. The base holds the single or double-curved tubing which makes up the arc and is detachable so users can easily add the multi-colored tabs. The arc measures 29-inches high and 35-inches wide and is available in a single-arc or double-arc model. Users maneuver the 24 multi-colored tabs around the plastic tubing for shoulder therapy range of motion exercises, pinch strengthening, crossing the midline, and improving hand-eye coordination. This shoulder arc can be used at home, in a school classroom, or in physical therapy, to provide a customized rehabilitation program for shoulder range of motion. Choose from the Single Arc Model or the Double Arc Model. The Shoulder Arc Range of Motion Equipment assists users in reaching their desired upper body motion range.

Shoulder Arc for Range of Motion Specifications:

  • Choose model: Single Arc or the Double Arc.
  • Includes: 24 movable colored tabs.
  • Dimensions: Arc is 29-inches high, 35-inches wide. Aluminum base is 3 inches wide, 36 inches long.
  • Item weighs: 5.34 Pounds.
  • Made in: U.S.A.
  • Company: ISO 9001 Certified.
  • WARNING: Important information for California residents

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