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ASA872P SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System
ASA872P SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System

SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System

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Includes all features listed for ICARE Elliptical and body unweighting system
Product Number: ASA872P
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The SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus Systemcombines the adaptive motor assistance trainer that automatically adjusts to suit the user’s exercise needs with the harness-based unloading lift system. The system is designed to provide zero, partial, or full-body weight support and motor guidance for assistive rehabilitation exercises for those recovering from conditions that impact neuromuscular function such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, and others.

The SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System was developed at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and Research Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. The intelligently controlled, motor-assisted leg movements closely mimic the kinematic and electromyographic (EMG) patterns of walking. Noted in development studies, ICARE training can help individuals regain or retain walking and fitness in part because muscle and cardiorespiratory training demands can be customized to the unique needs of individuals during rehab and following discharge. Special focus was applied during development to ensure assistance, with partial body weight support and motor guidance of moveable footplates and reciprocating handles, allowing individuals to accomplish the required repetitions. This fully integrated system provides a safe, effective method for assisting patients with neuromuscular disorders resulting from stroke, TBI, SCI, and other injuries or conditions. The controlled assistive rehab design relieves a single clinician from hours of strenuous manual manipulation and expands patient access to assistive technology, allowing them to improve their walking and cardiovascular fitness. The harness-based lift holds users comfortably in place during training. The harness is available in a wide range of sizes for a secure fit, including X-Small up to 5X-Large. These sizes can accommodate waist measurements of 24 inches to 60 inches, ensuring that the system can be used by nearly any patient. The SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System combination of the motor-assisted movement elliptical-style exercise unit and harness-based unloading lift provides customizable and effective exercise for a variety of users.

SportsArt E872MA ICARE Motor-Assisted Elliptical Trainer Information

SportsArt E872P ICARE Plus System Specifications:

  • Includes: E872MA ICARE motor-assisted elliptical system, E872MU Body unweighting system (chair and harness).
  • Stride Length: 18-29 inches electronically controlled adjustable stride; accommodates a wide variety of users.
  • Resistance: 40 Levels.
  • Unit weighs: E872MA weighs 253 pounds, E872MU weighs 360 pounds.
  • E872MA ICARE motor-assisted elliptical system Dimensions: 86.6 inches long, 41.7 inches wide, 70.8 inches high.
  • E872MU Body unweighting system Dimensions: 66 inches long, 26.4 inches wide, 102.4 inches high.
  • E872MP Access Platform Dimensions: 145 inches long, 89.3 inches wide, 21.4 inches high. Step up height 12.5 inches.
  • Footpad distance: 3 inches.
  • Power Requirements: 120V.
  • Max user weight: E872MA 450 pounds, E872MU 400 pounds.
  • Readouts: Heart Rate, Cardio Zone, Weight Loss Zone, Active Zone, Calories, Level, Time, Distance, Strides/Min, Stride Length, Total Strides, Human Watts.

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