As Christmas approaches, it can be more difficult to stay active and fit. This is especially true for older people who may tend to stay indoor more in the winter anyway. But it is possible to still stay somewhat active and fit even when we are indoors more often. Keep the tips below in mind to keep more active as you prepare for the holidays. 

#1 Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear your walking shoes a lot so that you can move around when you have a chance. If you are doing holiday cooking, go out for a quick walk after you put the casserole in the oven. Also, park farther away from the store when you go shopping. If you shop at the mall, go for a walk in the mall before you buy anything. 

#2 Hit the Stairs

If you are able physically, try to take the stairs as much as you can. You will burn about 10 calories walking up a flight of steps, according to the CDC. Save taking the elevator for when you are carrying things. 

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#3 Use a Mobile Device to Work Out

There are many apps and videos that you can download for your mobile device that focus of working out. These things can be useful when you travel or visit friends at the holidays. 

#4 Find Trails Before You Drive

You can use the USA Track and Field Website at to find good walking routes in whatever city you are visiting. Many hotels will recommend trails nearby for walking or jogging, too. 

#5 Clean the House

When you have the energy, set aside several hours to really clean the house. Bending, dusting, and going up and down steps really do burn calories. If you do that once per week, this can really keep you in shape in the colder months. 

Make sure you try some of these tips to keep you more active and able over the winter holidays.