It's holiday season and the holiday social scene is about to ramp up! Company parties, after work celebratory drinks, New Years' parties—all serving the tempting and delectable foods… cookies, cakes, candy, eggnog, and the list goes on.

So, yes, this time of year is when weight gain occurs. It's easy to put those pounds on without even realizing before it's too late! And to add insult to injury, what if you have an injury or chronic disability that prevents you from exercising off those extra calories?

The trick is to find the right exercise equipment to keep your uninjured body parts moving!

  1. Leg Injury: Doing an upper body workout can burn just as many calories as a full body workout. Not only will you be preventing those unwanted pounds from creeping up on you, but you also will be toning your upper body in the process.
  2. Upper body Injury: Just like when the lower body is compromised and you want to continue exercising, you can now find yourself comfortably exercising in a seated position without putting undue pressure on your upper body. The seated elliptical is a perfect solution to getting that much needed workout!
  3. Wheelchair workouts: No need to fret if you are confined to a wheelchair most or some of the time—whether by chronic disability or short-term rehab. You can still get an awesome workout using your upper arms and body.
  4. Arthritis workouts: If you have arthritic issues which makes it difficult for you to move around and your agility is quite limited, you can still get some exercise into your day. Remember… any exercise or movement is better that not moving at all!
  5. Water exercise: It's true… there is nothing like water exercise! The weightlessness of it puts zero stress on the body, making it easy to exercise in a pool. For those who have access to a pool, this is a great way to get in your exercise, burn those calories and to stay fit

Now, go and enjoy your holiday season, guilt free!