Summer’s finally here and that means parks, pools, vacations, and general exercise. However, for a lot of us it also means sitting at home and resting because of an injury. It’s not always easy to get up and going, especially in the summer heat but it’s certainly possible! Physical therapy can come in many forms, and we’re here to share a few tricks to aid you in a speedy recovery.

Play Smart, Not Hard

Resting is essential for any injury, minor or severe. Almost everyone has experienced a broken ankle, dislocated knee, or pulled ligament and it’s never fun. It’s enough to bum anyone out on their summer vacation but there are quite a few things out there that you can still do while nursing your injury. A good activity to start with is water exercises. Of course, if you have a cast on it can be difficult to do these things because they can’t get wet, but there’s always a way around that by using a Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover for your legs or arms. Aside from just needing to get out of the house, water exercise also aids in the rehabilitation of your injury, it acts as physical therapy and is a safe way to get out there again with friends and family.

Let’s face it, it’s hot and we’re not sure we really want to do anything but go into the water this summer, anyways. Family pool parties, birthday parties, graduation parties-- you name it, it can be made into a pool-side event. Ever hear of an Aquatic Pool Trampoline? Not only does it help rehabilitation during physical therapy, but it’s a family favorite as well. What’s a party without a few toys, right?

Always Consult Your Doctor

Before trying any water exercises or other leisure summer activities, always speak with your doctor first. If they think it might interfere with your recovery, then following doctors orders will pay off in the long run. However, if they think it might be beneficial to your recovery, then go for it!

There’s never a shortage of activities for summertime, but it’s wise to assess your injuries before trying to over-do it. Stick with family and friends, offer to do activities that don’t require too much movement, or just stick with a pool party every week! Nothing’s wrong with getting a little sun!

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