Swimming is an excellent workout that has very low impact and stress on the body, and it works very well for people with arthritis pain. It is hard to choose a 'best' exercise for all people, but swimming is often recommended by doctors for those with arthritis pain. The physical exercise, combined with the support of the water, provides a good workout without putting stress on joints.

If you have any type of arthritis - be it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid - it is important to keep your joints as flexible as you can. But many people with arthritis often avoid exercise because it hurts. That is where swimming can help you! The buoyancy of the water can reduce most of the stress on the joints. Also, water aerobics and swimming give the heart a good work out, while boosting range of motion and reducing joint pain.

Water Walking An Option

If swimming laps is not your thing, try water walking. Water gives 12 times the resistance of air. The deeper the water, the more intense the work out. If you go to the deeper end, we recommend a flotation belt, such as the Aqua-Jogger Active Water Exercise Pack, to keep you upright at shoulder height. Just walk like you would on land.

As good as swimming and water exercise is overall, note that water workouts are not totally perfect. Weight bearing exercise also is needed to keep bones strong. So, it is a good idea to try to walk on land when you can or use weights from time to time