Active seniors can participate in all sorts of exciting activities without spending a lot of money. Below are some helpful tips to travel without speeding too much, and how to combine trips with fun activities.


AARP offers many opportunities for travel discounts for people 55 and older. These often can be used at many hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and national parks.

How to Make Traveling a Regular Part of Life

Many active seniors decide to make traveling a regular part of their lives. Many single and married seniors travel to many destinations in an RV. Or, they may use a time share to enjoy winter in a warmer climate and live in their home state the rest of the year.

You can actually live in RV resorts and travel all over the country all year, without having a home residence.

Make Trips Into Activities

Once you arrive at your destination, you do not need to just sit around. There are many trips that you can go on with plenty of activities.
  • Go to a warmer climate in the winter and enjoy tennis, golf or swimming.
  • Walk a 5 or 10k race in a town on your trip and get to know some of the locals. Or, you can do a walk or run that supports a good cause, such as breast cancer.
  • Make a goal to visit ever state in the US, or make a goal to visit all of the major national parks. There are lots of affordable recreations that you can do in these places, from hiking to fishing to bird watching.

Also note that many senior groups cater to singles and couples who like to travel. You may be able to arrange a small group trip. Some seniors like to all rent an RV together and hit the road for weeks at a time!