Active seniors often like to engage in all sorts of activities outside. Here are some more unusual activities that some older adults enjoy that you might not have thought of:

#1 Metal Detecting

A basic metal detector can be purchased for $50 to $100. You can take yours to beaches, parks and all sorts of public places. You really never know what sort of interesting things you can find. There even are metal detecting excursions planned in many communities and states.

Some older seniors like to take their metal detectors wherever they travel.

#2 Flying Kites

This is a great activity to do with grandchildren, but you also can find adult groups that do this as well. Some people like to build their own kites. There are simple kits available, and more advanced ones as well. Kites can even be flown from a wheelchair! You can keep it quite simple by flying a kite in your yard, or take a trip to a local park.

#3 Yard Games

Easy outdoor games are a lot of fun in groups and are a nice way to get some exercise. If you are having a group of friends over, think about playing some of these games and even having prizes. Some of the best include horseshoes, beanbag toss, ring toss and croquet.

What are some other unusual outdoor activities that you have done?