Selected Upper Body Fitness Equipment for people with disabilities, arthritis, elderly, wheelchair users. Reclaim arm, back, chest, neck strength and endurance with upper body exercisers.

Seated upper body adapted exercise machines target all the muscles in the upper body including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, neck. Whether you are using a wheelchair, have a lower body injury, or simply need to exercise from a seated position, these upper body exercisers allow you to have a great workout in a comfortable position. These products will have you lifting, stretching, strengthening, and moving again with adapted fitness equipment designed specifically for your needs.

Upper Body Adapted Exercise Aids… from

Not all exercise aids will fit every situation, so show these adapted exercise aids to your doctor and/or physical therapist to be sure they will fit your needs and fitness goals.

Click on the links below to shop now for hand bikes, upper body exercisers, shoulder pulleys, hand exercisers, finger exercisers that will allow you to increase range of motion in your upper body, improve grip and arm strength.

Upper Body Fitness

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Designed for exercises that improve shoulder strength and endurance.
Helpful for increasing core strength by progressively adding weight.
Add or remove weights for increasing resistance for therapeutic exercise.
Over the door shoulder pulley with new & improved molded plastic handles.
Helps users regain shoulder motion and rebuild muscle strength.
Unique shape and design helps users with weak hands strengthen finger and wrist muscles.
$15.95 $10.95
Helps users to increase strength, joint range-of-motion, and coordination.
Pair of handles that easily attach to chairs for upper arm exercise.
Can be used for both upper and body exercising!
Can be used for foot pedaling, or on a tabletop for hand pedaling!
Set of 3 soft foam blocks ideal for strengthening hand grip and improving finger flexibility
$22.95 $16.95
Strengthens flexor and extensor hand muscles
Effective stationary bike for upper body and lower body exercising.
Smooth, quiet, magnetic resistance for biking or rowing
Ideal for stroke recovery, rotator cuff rehabilitation, stretching and strength training.
High quality, durable nylon pulley shoulder exercise with door bracket, includes self locking handles and a shoulder exercise guide.
Ergonomic egg shape gel squeeze ball hand strengtheners designed to fit the contours of the hand.
$8.95 $6.95
Grip-free pulley system for active and passive range of motion exercises.
Unique design provides consistent, gentle resistance for increasing strength.
Flexible hand bar exerciser for strengthening muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder.
Provides a variety of exercise options to promote thumb strength.
Specially designed for users recovering from breast cancer
$42.95 $29.95
High quality over door shoulder pulley with smooth nylon roller, includes a Breast Cancer Exercise Guide.
$13.95 $12.95
Folding shoulder stretching bar with ergonomic handle.
Includes twenty 0.5lb weighted bars for progressive exercises
$41.95 $36.95
Designed for wheelchair users to strengthen arm and shoulder muscles
Mirror therapy exercise aid for upper extremity phantom limb pain
Simple, effective therapy device for increasing shoulder range of motion
Each individual finger button is designed with an adjustable tension dial
Color coded progressive resistance hand therapy exercise aids
$14.95 $12.95
Adjustable resistance for both flexion and extension thumb and finger exercises
Create a program for pronation, supination and wrist flexion or extension
Uniquely designed to be worn during functional, everyday activities
Set of 10 adjustable weights designed to be worn during everyday activities
Movement system for rehabilitation of orthopedic upper extremity, shoulder injuries
UE Ranger movement system with door mount strap for home use.
UE Ranger movement system with wall mount for clinic settings.
Movement system with 3 interchangeable hand supports for rehabilitation of neurologic shoulder injuries
UE Ranger Neuro movement system with wall mount for clinic settings.
UE Ranger Neuro Movement system with door mount strap for home use.
Designed for freedom of wrist and hand movement.
Fully adjustable, padded single wrist weight with weighted bar inserts
Essential rehabilitation set for upper extremity exercises including hand and finger exercises.
Choose from 5 difference resistance levels of pinch pins for increasing hand strength.
Unique star shaped hand exerciser allows the center to rest in the palm while the user works their fingers with each of the points.
Adjustable, folding arm bike provides convenient, affordable way to tone and strengthen the upper body at home.
Soft therapeutic exercise putty ideal for gently increasing range of motion or to reduce stiffness.
Provides an excellent workout opportunity for wheelchair-bound individuals, and accommodates individuals with limited gripping capabilities.
Soft and color coded hand weights are great for light workouts!
$15.95 $13.95
Choose from 5 resistance level push button exercisers designed to develop hand and isolated finger flexion strength.
$18.95 $14.95
Allows users to exercise each finger to increase hand strength.
Set of 6 progressive resistance hand exercise material, fun to use, non-toxic therapy putty.
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