Water supports the body, while providing natural resistance to movement, which strengthens muscles. Exercising in Water, or aquatic exercise, is a low impact activity for people of all ages and abilities.

Water walking is ideal in water that is waist high. Start by walking across the pool swinging your arms, just like walking on land. To increase resistance as your hands and arms move through the water, wear hand webs or other water exercise aids. For people who need assistance for balance and stability, the Water Walker provides support.

Arm Exercises Using Water Weights

Water weights are foam dumb-bells that create increased resistance in water. Raise and lower the dumb-bells to the level of the water and push down again. The Aqua-Jogger dumb-bells are designed for varying the level of resistance.

Water Exercise Fitness Equipment… from ACTIVEnABLE.com

Aqua jogging is a great way to exercise in the water. Flotation belts provide support to stay in an upright position. Buoyancy and water resistance provide strengthening benefits without impact.

From water weights, to flotation belts, to pool lifts, ACTIVEnABLE.com provides adapted fitness equipment for water exercise, rehabilitation and therapy.

Water Exercise

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Support device for balance, stability, and gait training in water exercise
Includes everything needed for a full body aquatic workout!
Helps users strengthen their core abdominal and low back muscles
Add extra weight to a water routine with the comfortable and adjustable ankle weights.
Specifically designed for strength training in the water.
The original and best selling buoyancy belt for men and women.
$43.95 $31.95
Longer sides, lower arch provides more buoyancy.
$43.95 $39.95
Easy to use, adjustable support bar provides light resistance for a complete upper body water workout.
$44.95 $35.95
Multiple levels of resistance make it easy to adjust for difference physical capabilities
Adjustable, waterproof walking aid for swimming pools.
Swim confidently with the snug, discreet adult swim diaper.
For active youth & teenages with incontinence who wish to swim.
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