Here at ACTIVEnABLE, we offer quite a bit of accessories for an exercise activity that has become really popular in recent years and offers extremely therapeutic value.

What activity are we talking about? We’re talking about water jogging.

Water jogging is pretty self-explanatory, but it is actually a bit different than jogging on land. Let’s discuss this difference as well as some reasons you should consider water jogging.

Some things about water jogging to remember:

  1. Keeping your back straight and your body in an erect posture is very important. Don’t lean back or lean forward as if you were swimming. Remember: you’re not swimming; you’re jogging.
  2. Don’t paddle. Move your arms front and back just like running on land and be sure not to cross your arms over your chest during these motions.
  3. Wear something to protect your feet from rough pool floor surfaces. Tennis shoes can actually work great for this.
  4. Run mostly in place and don’t extend your lower legs forward. This is a little different from running on land but is important in the world of water jogging.
  5. Use accessories like a floating water jogging belt or other floating devices for added buoyancy, especially while deep-water jogging.

We also encourage you to check out other informative sources on this topic as well as locate a personal trainer who can teach you how to use this exercise strategy most effectively.

The reason we believe you should consider water jogging is because of its many great benefits, including but not limited to:

  • It’s less impactful on the body than long running workouts. This makes it a highly valuable form of exercise for people with disabilities or arthritis as well as injured sports players who need to heal and train at the same time.
  • Research shows that water jogging practice and land jogging practice have the same benefits and results for all intents and purposes.
  • It’s fun! There’s not a much more relaxing way to get in your exercise routine in the heat of summer than to take a dip into the cool waters and start jogging like a pro. You can even get in a quick workout session while taking the family out for a day of refreshing water fun!

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