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Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer
Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer

Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer

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Easy to use balance training aid for developing dynamic strength
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The Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer is a challenging, fun and easy to learn ski machine that is suitable for all ages and abilities. This balance training aid comes with over 20 exercises that will help improve leg, core and upper body strength and stability.

The Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer has independently flexing and rotating footpads, and an attachable soft ankle board for sitting, standing and upper body work. Users of all ages and abilities will benefit from six different, easily interchangeable levels of difficulty. Since 1985, athletes and fitness experts worldwide have utilized this balance training aid for rehabilitation after injuries, improve overall balance and quality of life, and to increase performance for sports. The Pro 3D Cross Trainer provides users better balance, coordination and overall agility, enhanced functional core strength and stability, faster and more precise reaction skills, improved cardiovascular endurance and improved proprioception reducing the risk of sports injury.

The Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer Includes a laminated exercise guide and DVD with 20 functional exercises for upper body, core and lower body exercises, and support information on general conditioning and rehabilitation.

Fitterfirst Pro 3D Cross Trainer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 48 inches long, 10 inches wide, 8 inches high.
  • Shipping Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Materials: Powder-coated aluminum body and footpads, Polypropylene wheels, top and bottom tracks, and rollers, Rubber mounts, Military-grade bungee cord (nylon/rubber), Oak veneer.
  • Made in: Canada.

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